Workshop Placement Details and FAQs

School Information (last updated April 13th 7:15pm)

  • There will be NO WORKSHOPS taught next week (starting on 4/19) because BPS is on spring break!

  • Some workshops are being taught after Northeastern finals week - Baylee has emailed relevant educators already!

  • Lynn English workshops:

    • Cohort 2 will resume teaching on 4/1​

    • Wednesday classes will resume workshops on April 7th through the end of the semester

Schools that did not receive PHE last semester (starting fresh):

  • Brighton

  • Brooke

  • Burke

  • City on a Hill - Dudley

  • Excel


  1. I can't see my placement on Matrix - what should I do?

    • unless you are placed at Malden, slack Arunika and Jack immediately!​

  2. Where can I find the workshop materials?

    • all of your workshop materials are loaded into matrix - search "matrix" in your Northeastern email to find your login info​

  3. I have two matrix logins, what should I do?

    • login to both and see which account has your placement loaded onto it and use that one for the rest of the semester!​

  4. Matrix is confusing and I don't know how to use it :(

    • Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use matrix!​

  5. What is matrix and where can I find it?

  6. I am teaching with people from other colleges, how do I contact them?

    • Click here to find the full roster of Boston volunteers this year - includes their email!​

  7. How do I reach out to my host teacher?

    • Click here to access the list of host teacher emails!​

  8. How do I know if my class received PHE last semester?

    • email your host teacher​

Chapter Meeting 2/10

  1. Husky Blood Initiative - led by Joshie!

  2. Relationship Building in the Classroom - LC led


Black Lives Matter Resources

Black Lives Matter is a movement, not a moment. As media coverage starts to die down, it's important for all of us to keep pushing for real and lasting change. These links will be updated to provide relevant information about ways to get involved.

Note: Please do your own research before attending protests listed at the links above to ensure that you can stay as safe as possible.