Voter Supression

As the presidential election grows closer, it's important that all of us who can get out and vote. However, our country has a history of voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression, often against minorities, specifically people of color.

Boston History Trainings

Boston has a deep history that affects the way that our educators and students interact with the communities around them. It's important to know this information to understand the environment that our students may live in and help them be more compassionate and understanding​.

Power, Privilege and Oppression (PPO)

Our educators all hail from different walks of life, and it's important that we acknowledge the advantages as well as obstacles we each face in our lives. It is important to understand our own privilege and agency to better teach in the classroom with our students.

PPO #1 - Examining Power, Privilege, and Oppression

Reproductive Rights and Access

Coming Soon

Health Content Trainings

It is important that our educators are informed with the most medically accurate data as our students are highly impressionable. Our workshops often fill the gap of health education that most schools lack, and it is important that our educators deliver most accurate and current health information to our students.

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