Our Mission

Peer Health Exchange is a national non-profit organization aims to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and resources to make healthy choices.


We train college students to teach skills-based health curriculum with a focus on sexual health, mental health and substance use in under-resourced high-schools throughout the country.

Our chapter teaches at over 800 students across 10 schools in the Boston School District.

As COVID-19 moves learning online, this website will be a tool for Northeastern educators to access trainings, announcements, and other information in a convenient way.

Announcements - Updated Feb 24th

Click here to get answers to FAQs about workshop placements!

CC Application due TOMORROW!

Click here to access google form (can only be completed by current PHE members)

Chapter Meeting Schedule - February/March

February 24th

  • LARC (and other contraceptives) - led by Natalie and Rayna!

March 3rd

  • Environmental Racism by Sunrise

  • Commonly Used Drugs and Effects + Medical Amnesty in Mass - led by Madison!

March 10th

  • PPO #3 - Microaggressions

  • Anti-Blackness in the Classroom

March 17th

  • led by Baylee


About Northeastern's Chapter

Our two Presidents oversee the entire Northeastern PHE chapter. They aim to develop a cohesive and inclusive community for all PHE volunteers! 


Jacqueline Huynh

Arunika Makam

If you have any questions about PHE or want to get involved, reach out to them at northeastern@peerhealthexchange.org

We have 15 LC members that help train educators and support new volunteers in their development!

Leadership Council

Anisa Amiji
Alyssa Blumstein
Joan Marie Hady
Rayna Haque
Jon Harris
Stephan Palm
Samantha Kraszewski
Katie McCreedy

Natalie McGowan
Leah Neff
Lily Rupert
Shreya Shetty
Annabel Snidow
Katie Trovato
Kyle Wilette

This year, we’ve implemented intermediary positions to help PHE get more involved with the communities and clubs around us!

Intermediate Positions

Campus Outreach Coordinators

Alexa Canning

Nikita Murli

Katherine Barker

Katherine Costa

Lily Rupert

Nebyou Mergia

Content Creators

Ellie Smith

Kaira Vo

Lily Rupert

Kayla Reisberg

Madison Oppenheim

Jon Harris

Kalina Korzec

Event Coordinators

Aarushi Bhan

Amber Netto

Christina Khalil

Contact Us

Use this form to reach out to the PHE Presidents about collaborations or to learn more about the organization!

If you're interested in becoming an educator, fill out the form linked here to receive information on the application process and upcoming recruitment events!

To apply for a Peer Health Exchange educator position, fill out this form Our recruitment process begins in September.

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